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What is love?

The misconceived, misconceptualized, misperceived notion that LOVE only belongs in certain facets of life is a farce

If I belong to the right belief system, upbringing, racial ethnicity, class system, and gender, I will be loved more not less. Identifications create HUGE limitations. LOVE IS NOT LIMITED!

There is NO JUDGEMENT, despite what our society continually demonstrates to us. Or what we choose to demonstrate to one another. During these uncomfortable or opportune moments in life, we are given an invitation to go deeper within ourselves. Explore the unfamiliar territory and have the willingness to choose to lean in and discover the unknown. Journeying into inspired unexplored awareness of consciousness.

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What is love

LOVE is the most radical, purest form of acceptance, surrender, and allowance for what is.

LOVE IS UNBIASED and has zero identification with ANY AGENDA!

Love is a warm cozy blanket that comforts you. Love is the air you breathe. Love is the excitement felt while attempting something new. Love is waves of joy felt through the body. Love is the grief felt during difficult life transitions. Love is the sound of water streaming down the waterfall.

Love is the touch of your skin against another. Love is the delectable experience of savory food. Love is the butterflies in the tummy when you feel delighted. Love is enjoying the intimacy between yourself and another. Love is feeling your hands in the soil and rewarding the harvest. Love is in the silence. Love is the passion for all that you have become and will continue to blossom into. Love is encompassed in every manner of being! Love is the unique characteristic and self-expression everyone autonomously demonstrates. Love is the acceptance and allowance to honor your boundaries and discernment. Love is the movement in exploring the richness of new frontiers.

simple pleasures

Love is knowing that APPRECIATION removes personalization and is the FAIRY DUST of LIFE!

In my life, I have grown, and continue to, recognize LOVE is in everything and wonder why we can’t have our autonomous nature and live in harmony with one another?

If you find yourself feeling annoyed, or frustrated about the situations at hand here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

Am I playing a victim, persecutor, or savior role?

Am I casting a belief system, or judgments onto another?

Am I in need of validation of my opinion or perception to feel accepted?

Am I willing to accept that one is not above another?

Am I willing to entertain new boundaries? Are these boundaries I am willing to cross and see where it leads?

Am I living in heart coherence and empathic freedom?

Am I aware enough to know that I can just walk away?

Am I able to not attempt or try to control a situation, but shift my focus and let the answers arrive? Without having an immediate reaction?

Am I willing to pause, meditate and incorporate breath work practice?

Am I adventurous enough to dive into more self-love, self-transformation, or self-pleasure practices?

Am I attempting to push my agenda on another?

Am I prepared to let those agendas go and flow with the source of creation?

Am I in a state of inquiry and receptivity to live with intention?

Love will take NOTHING from you, and love will walk through everything with you

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