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Conscious Quantum Facilitation Conversation

A typical energetic discussion may include messages, catalyzation of internal beliefs through various healing energetic modalities, breathwork, intentional living, and pleasure practices. Guidance is received through your I AM presence, transitioned loved ones, and multi-dimensional beings of all aspects. Megan uses acceptance, connection, belief, prayer, meditation, living in love, and kindness as her core practices.

You are invited to approach this experience from a place of curiosity, wonder, and playfulness. Be prepared to participate in your energetic discussion. Feel free to jot down questions but they are not required!

Conscious Quantum Facilitation Conversation
In Blossom

Personalized Private Mentoring:
"Joy is my intimate relationship with life"

A Reclamation into the Soul, Heart, Body, Mind Sensuality, Spirituality, Sexuality the interwoven sacred womb of LOVE

Customized 8-week online or in-person mentoring available

Course instruction includes a Personalized Crystal  “I AM Yoni Egg  & Cosmic cards gift set”

I am Megan Covington! I am not a certified trauma counselor; I do not have a Ph.D. in “advising” you on what directions to take in your life, but I do have a golden crown, proficient understanding, of my life experiences and how I have steered, cruised, crashed, glided, and taken responsibility for my well-being. From the twisted roots of hell to the blossoming of realization, and everything in between. My offering is a place, a face to be seen, heard, and felt through your shared life experiences. Judgment free. I am here to share with you my electric slides to become more aware of how alive inside you are!

We are a potpourri mix of sexual, emotional, spiritual, and sensual journeys. Full of grace, presence, courage, bravery, and compassionate action. I am inviting you to accept and be aware of the unconditional love, happiness, the presence you ARE. However, you choose to SHOW UP! Life is challenging! Life will always be full of challenges! By accepting these challenges as a mystery to explore, and celebrate self-realization, self-prosperity, sovereign freedom, and self-awareness as pivotal expressions of life.

I summon you to sail the seas from the diabolical, to euphoric, and the stillness in-between. A request for your vessel to move full steam ahead into the realms of unapologetic creation of new possibilities, adventures, and a constant flow of acceptance and appreciation. Through the depths of curious shadow, and into the light of consciousness, we will explore the interwoven lattice of spirituality, sexuality, and sensuality that is a wellspring of Vitality.

I am a well-being presence facilitator offering & inspiring unexplored levels of consciousness. Methods of development used but are not limited to Yoni egg, sensual, sexual, and spiritual implementation. Welcoming intentional living and pleasure practices creates more empathic freedom, heart coherence, and emotional, physical, spiritual development. Austin Texas. Schedule a discovery call now

Presence is a transcendent state of being. Meeting yourself at this moment -Right NOW!

From the perceived ominous to the electric pleasured filled delight, I AM encouraging you to come into the playground with wonder and awe. No need to look back, but be right where you are.

This is an offering, allowing permission to dive deeper into your actualized form. Permission to accept your internal wisdom, innocence, curiosity, freedom, wonder, and joy. While embracing your choices in gentler, softer tones of your unique autonomous expression. Incorporating unwavering connection to yourself and others. With intentional living, pleasure pussy/yoni practices, communication, breathwork, meditation, nature discovery, heart coherence, and empathic freedom, you will take charge and continue to become an aware activist in your life.

You are a Wealthy integral element in LIVING. Acceptance brings Peace and Appreciation is the Fairy Dust of life.  

I look forward to having you join me in the wet, deliciously delightful, flowing sea of self-exploration and discovery!

From orgasmic life interactions to mindless masturbation, watch as your life becomes more sensational with everything and everyone you interact with.

simple pleasures

Online Course Schedule

  • Week 1~ I Am Presence 
  • Week 2~ Breath is Life
  • Week 3~ Altar of Life
  • Week 4~ Shit Sandwich Buffet with a side of Rumination Gone Wild
  • Week 5~ Sensation Explorations
  • Week 6~ Yoni/Pussy crystal egg pleasure practices
  • Week 7~ Exalt the Pussy
  • Week 8~ The Big Orgasm

Inspiring New Levels of Consciousness Austin Texas with Megan Covington

Are you feeling stuck, stressed, or frustrated in your life? Would you like to experience more joy, peace, and abundance? Connect with and express yourself. If you answered yes to any of these questions, check out Megan Covington’s inspiration in Austin, Texas. You may be interested in the New Level of Consciousness fundraising program.

Megan Covington is a Pleasant Presence Facilitator, Nurse, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Nature lover, Animal lover, Curious Explorer, and Conscious Quantum Soul Activist. She is passionate about helping people connect with their inner wisdom, creativity, and life-changing power. She offers a variety of programs and services to help you achieve emotional, physical, and spiritual growth.

What is the New Level of Consciousness?

The New Level of Consciousness is a state of consciousness beyond the normal mind and ego. These are states of being that allow you to access the emotional physical spiritual development Texas and experience more love, joy, and peace. Your state aligns you with your true self and purpose, allowing you to achieve your aspirations and dreams.

New Levels of Consciousness include:

– Quantum Level: This is the level at which infinite possibilities and fields of options are available. You create your own reality by choosing your thoughts, feelings, actions, and energies. You can also connect with other beings and dimensions to assist you in your journey.

– Heart Level: This is where you can feel your true nature, unconditional love, and compassion. You can also feel connected and in tune with everything. You can heal yourself and others by sending love and light from your heart center.

– Soul Level: This is the level where you can access the wisdom and guidance of your soul. You can also communicate with your higher self, spiritual guides, angels, ancestors, and other benevolent beings. You can discover and align with your soul’s purpose and mission.

Inspiration New Levels of Awareness Austin Texas How can you benefit from the program?

Contribute to providing a range of general health benefits. Some of these benefits are:

– Allows you to heal traumas and obstacles that prevent you from reaching your full potential.

– Can increase self-esteem, self-confidence, and courage to pursue goals and dreams.

Honest and respectful communication improves relationships with ourselves and others.

– Harnessing your inner resources and talents increases your creativity and productivity.

– Indulge in sexuality and pleasure by exploring your body and desires in a safe and supportive environment.

– Aligning your true self with your purpose allows you to attract more love, joy, and abundance into your life.

Get in touch with us via phone, email, or our website if you’re interested in joining our emotional physical spiritual development Texas. Join the program now to experience the advantages ofintentional living and pleasure practice Texas.

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