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45 MIN Conscious Quantum Conversation

Imagine engaging in a conversation openly with an unbiased,  present, friend. Give yourself permission and space to express, not repress what is happening in your current experience. You will catalyze beliefs, gain new perceptions, and open the doors to infinite possibilities. Let’s dive deep by opening and transcending the beliefs you are hanging onto. During your time with me, you will explore and discover that ALL answers are within YOU! “Argue for your limitations and they are yours to keep!”

Preparing for your appointment:

Megan invites you to approach this experience from a place of curiosity and playfulness. Take the time and make a list of questions you are desiring to explore during this sacred session, but questions are not required.

Megan will call/contact you at the time of the scheduled appointment:

If the client is a no-show for the session, or is not properly prepared and misses the session, no refund will be issued. If Megan cannot reach you, for whatever reason within the first 10 minutes of the session, the session will be missed.

Conscious Quantum Facilitation Conversation

If you are in need of a weekend or evening appointment:
Please send an email regarding a preferred future date and time. She will try to accommodate as scheduling allows.

Megan will call/contact you at the time of the scheduled appointment.

  • Email to Schedule a Discovery call for Personalized Private Mentoring-  A Reclamation into the Soul, Heart, Body, Mind
    8-week online or in-person course available
  • Scheduling: Sessions are given by phone or zoom.
    You will be contacted with your method of preference via Phone, or Zoom, at your scheduled appointment time. Please leave your preference on the link below.
  • Payment: Payment for 30 minutes of conscious conversation, due in full, of 222.00 will secure your appointment date and time. If the appointment is completely missed, your payment will be forfeited, please see the terms.
  • Customized Private Pleasure Mentoring-  A Reclamation into the Soul, Heart, Body, and Mind.   8-week online course, payment options available and includes a sacred “I AM crystal egg Yoni kit.
  • Terms and Conditions: We regret any last-minute changes or cancellations that may occur as a result of Megan’s schedule. If we do need to reschedule a session at the last minute, you will be booked into the next available appointment spot or refunded your payment in full upon request.
    Megan cannot guarantee who will come through during a session, or what information will be delivered.
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Please note: Megan does not respond to personal emails- only emails regarding scheduling inquiries or concerns.

Appointment Schedule

The information given in an appointment should NOT be substituted for any professional medical, legal, financial, or psychiatric advice. 

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