Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg – Heart Chakra


Jade is the gemstone that has been traditionally used in Taoist yoni/pussy practices and is traditionally the stone recommended when you first start Yoni egg practices.

The Mayan culture used this stone; it was more valuable than gold!

Jade is connected to the heart chakra and is said to bless everything it comes in contact with.

Properties are said to transmute negativity and instill resourcefulness. Balances needs of self and others. Instills confidence, self-assuredness, self-reliance, fidelity, beauty, and prosperity.

The “Dream Stone” brings realization to one’s potential and devotion to one’s purpose. It helps to remember and resolve or interpret dreams.

Facilitates PEACE with the physical, emotional, and intellectual structures as well as within the material world.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this form and webpage is intended for educational purposes only. It does not constitute medical advice, nor is it a substitute for medical advice. You should consult a physician regarding a medical diagnosis, treatment, or use. If you have a form of birth control, IUD, the drilled and stringed yoni eggs are not recommended for use.



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