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A Pleasure Mentor Shares How to Unleash Your Personal Pleasure Perspectives

“Simply enjoy life and the pleasures that come with it”
— Karolina Kurkova

As a well-being facilitator & medical practitioner specializing in facilitating sensual, sexual, and spiritual energy, I have run into my fair share of answers. Some of my clients come to me experiencing numbness, others may want to explore uncharted territory or amplify their personal encounters, but the most common pain point I run into is disconnection from their bodies and lack of vitality for life!

A life exhibiting a diminishment of feeling is not at all ideal in a world full of pleasurable possibilities. I have come to find that taking time to discover your likes, dislikes, honesty, effective communication with yourself and others contributes a delight field merriment within the simplicity of life. This will absolutely lead you towards exhibiting fondness, enthusiasm, and zest in your daily existence

 In this article, we’re going to explore wonder, curiosity, and perspectives, expanding our awareness of self-love, self-pleasure, and self-prosperity, as well as heightening our emotional, physical, and spiritual development through a few of my favorite teaching modalities, encompassing all aspects of our BEing. My goal is that you experience freedom from old beliefs  in order to expand your horizons and create more joy in your life. So, let’s have some fun and go on a delightful “pleasure” adventure…together.

What Is Pleasure?

Mirriam-Webster Dictionary defines pleasure as: “A feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.” Is that the first thing that came to mind at the beginning of this article? What were your first thoughts surrounding the word “pleasure”? Was it associated with guilt, shame, or social taboo? Pleasure, in its simplest form, is the BFF’s next-door neighbor of happiness.

If I asked you “how do you define pleasure” would you be able to come up with a list of endless examples of how pleasure plays an active role in your life?  What would your response be?

Do you maintain an understanding and observe how pleasure is a long-term bed partner with appreciation and JOY? Or do you limit your perspective of PLEASURE or PLEASURES?

Is pleasure a short-term, fleeting vagabond that visits once in a blue moon? Is it walking hand in hand with negative, or dirty feelings in your psyche? Or do you identify pleasure as a means to an end, struggling to find any moments of pleasure, appreciation, or joy in your day-to-day life? You see, while it is undeniably connected, pleasure doesn’t start or end with sexuality, pleasure is everything, everywhere, at all times: a soft touch, a gentle breeze, moments of stillness and appreciation.

In a world where we exist in a constant stream of extensive overstimulation, most of us struggle to slow down, breathe, and embrace the tangible, palpable, pleasurable sensations that surround us, which are a very real and important part of our personal well-being. Cultivating and resourcing our pleasure response can begin through simple, yet easily accessible bodily and emotional sensations.

When we begin to pay attention to the simplest sensations, we quickly learn that the nature of our very existence is so much more than mediocrity. Our bodies, YOUR body, is in assistance of your highest purpose here in this physical realm, with sensation being a connector of the physical and spiritual. The real “turn-on” is how we choose to approach this adventure! The first step to unlocking our blocked pleasure points is by taking radical responsibility for your pleasure!

A joyful life is about choices. And throughout our lives, we each get to choose whether we allow ourselves to experience pleasure in an abundance of magical ways, limit our satisfaction, or just ignore it altogether. So how do we unlock the door that has been barring our entry into a new realm of passionate possibilities: personal, professional, purposeful? What I recommend to my clients is to start a pleasure practice.

What is a Pleasure Practice?

The results of having a bountiful and nourishing daily practice of pleasure are electrifying. A pleasure practice can include everything from relishing in an exquisite dessert to taking that morning stroll or having the most divine sexual encounter. This allows hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin to be consistently released in your body.  Soothing your nervous system, lowering your blood pressure, reducing stress, and nourishing your well-being!  Suddenly, the simple occurrences of life are more tangible.  The gentle breeze blowing across your skin feels exhilarating. You develop an alert awareness of the sun’s rays gently kissing your skin. It’s so intoxicating.

Pleasure is observing children run across the boating piers. As they run, the bottoms of their shoes scratch the wood surface and enthusiasm emanates from their smiles.  All the while the birds are chirping in the background.  As if they are simultaneously playing along. 

Pleasure is getting a phone call from a longtime friend, and hearing the joy in their voice while sharing exciting news! Pleasure is unconditional, boundless, welcome home love from your fur babies after an extensive day at work. Pleasure is watching your partner chow down on delectable clam chowder in extreme, moaning, pleasure!

Pleasure is feeling your feet walk through the fallen pile of leaves, each one producing a unique crunching sound as you move forward. It’s being a contributor, facilitator, and recipient of LAUGHTER, or receiving a gentle smile from across the room, igniting your heart.

Pleasure is taking a deep inhale and exhale, appreciating how good it feels to BREATHE! Pleasure is unencumbered, inquisitive, eye contact with a stranger. Pleasure is our vibration, our bodies, and all we get to experience therein. It’s making gentle, passionate, uninhibited, love to ourselves or our partners, releasing those immensely powerful feel-fantastic hormones! 

Becoming more aware of your physical sensations contributes to the heightening of ALL orgasmic states of pleasure that surround you spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  By choosing to experience pleasure, our mood is lightened. Our relationships become more fulfilling. We feel more confident, beginning to notice your steps are softer and freer. When you take note of all the sensations around you and what life is offering you, life becomes less heavy: simpler, and more compassionate. Then your lightheartedness, wonder, and appreciative nature become front and center in your daily interactions.

Pleasure, appreciation, and joy become the most DIVINE MAGICAL MENAGE A TROIS and you have a CHOICE to get in bed with them all! Opening a more blissful and much higher dimensional version of yourself and your life experiences! Pleasure is the simplest or most complex treasure within and around you. The best part: you get to choose how you participate in pleasure.

Cultivating a daily Pleasure Practice:

Start with your breath. Allow yourself 10 minutes each day, every day throughout your day, regardless of whether you are surrounded by people or not! Pay attention to your inhale and exhale. Feeling the rise and fall of your breath.

Let your body relax into your breath. Soften your hands. Plant your feet on the floor.  Immerse into your surroundings. You may hear birds, cars passing by, people talking, wind blowing, and the stillness that is always present within you and in all your surroundings. All of this is welcomed!

The purpose is to not identify or label the external stimulation, for example: making an identification (I hear the birds chirping), but rather place focus on any sensations & presence (listening without thought),  that arise before the mind attempts to identify with the outside environment. Allow a heightened awareness of your surroundings and sensations to arise from what you are observing, touching, smelling, tasting, or hearing. Embrace the lightness.

Joy is the freedom of being and appreciating what occurs when you invite yourself to feel the sensations around you. A feeling of being held softly, gently, and tenderly. Your body will soften, absorb, and emanate peaceful stillness.

Sensations arise and all is in flow. All is well. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. You proceed to know you are connected to ALL. The corners of your mouth slightly turn up in a smile.  There is an understanding that allowing yourself to take time and enjoy the simplest treasure of life brings radical acceptance, appreciation, and joy.

So, tell me, what are your pleasures? Will you choose to take these savory moments for yourself? Can you remain curious and excited about how expansive pleasure can be? I certainly encourage you to live your most pleasurable existence possible.

 “Pleasure is my intimate relationship with life. Shine on radiant souls!”

Love Megan

Megan is a TMG contributor, well-being facilitator, & medical practitioner. Check her out at  

Guided Thoughts

Happy 45 years birthday

December 23, 2019/ Megan Covington

Holy Fucking shit this has been another year of growth! Such a continuum of self-evolution!  HIGHEST of the HIGH and LOWEST of the LOW. Boys and girls I really feel it all. Rightfully so!

I AM vulnerable, untouchable, painful, and painless beauty and everything in between!

I mean WTHF~without feeling there is no recognition within knowing and growing!

The continuous teetering on the mountain edge. Moving closer. Peering over just enough to tremble. Contemplating, what if I fall? I quickly reseed from the ledge. I pivot, and race right to the edge. Taking that running leap right off into the unknown.

Wondering, holding my breath, as the wind moves against and through my body. Thoughts rapidly moved through me. When will I hit the ground? I may shatter into a million pieces, or will it be the bottomless, never-ending abyss?

The swift current of air reminded me to take that deep inhale!

Conscious Quantum Facilitation Conversation

Happy 45 years to me here and every place my soul has chosen to BE!
Love Megan

As I continue to spiral from that jump, my wings get stronger,  broader, and more fluid. Directing me through and to another re-entry portal with heightened clarity. Quickly experiencing I AM all of this. I shatter and shower into the abyss.

The continuous cosmic sea takes me deeper and further into endless self-exploration and self-discovery. My entire Being is all wrapped up in this eternal existence of right “NOW”. This is it RIGHT NOW!

Every hard, torturous, glorious, curious, leap, leads me to soar into a deeper aligned level of self.

Just as the highest, euphoric, o-shit, significant, jump will guide me, yet again, to another Armageddon, Apocalyptic, Rapture. Tearing me apart layer by layer! Crucifying and resurrecting me a NEW!

Gaining more length, streaming more color and radiance that is my SOUL, screaming fly with me.

Those magnificent wings, unwaveringly, unconditionally, wrapping around me. Gliding me through the cold, dark, desolate, decent of the darkest nights! Those same magical wings expand and take hold of the decent. Hovering, sailing me above it all.

Reminding me the LIGHT embraces the NIGHT just as the NIGHT embraces the LIGHT.
I AM the equilibrium that chooses to create Heaven or Hell!
This is me and I AM so pleased to BE!


August 4, 2019 / Megan Covington

Self-love and self-care are synonymous! When you care enough to love yourself – you love yourself enough to care! ☀️ As you align more with your Inner  Being, you stop using words and actions to deceive yourself! OWNing how you feel and what is correct for YOU!  🦉 Allowing yourself the ability to say NO or YES when appropriate for YOU will be expressed without guilt, worry, shame, or a myriad of empty unnecessary explanations attached! Remember commanding your energy is magical! Megan Covington #radiance #magik #guideyourself #mylife #lovethyself #noshame #empowerment #changeyourenergychangeyourlife #divine #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #expansion #powerful #no #yes #selflove #selfcare #behavior #ownyourself #realization #beyou #sacredgeometry #quantumenergyhealing

36 Likes, 3 Comments – Megan Covington (@megancovingtonluminary) on Instagram: “Self-love and self-care are synonymous! When you care enough to love yourself – you love yourself…”

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Save Yourself

August 4, 2019 / Megan Covington

I often think about the word healing! What does healing really mean and can we truly facilitate another to heal??? In my personal and observing journey, one can NOT HEAL another! However, one can carry the essence of BEing whole and complete. As that soul walked through the Valley of shadows of DEATH! Refusing to see another as broken! Seeing another through the eye of SOURCE! Therefore carrying the frequency, vibration, and resonance that vibrates so high nothing below that can penetrate rippling out to the quantum ENERGETIC field surrounding them! Healing begins with a shift in perspective, thoughts, and emotions. As one of many brilliant examples- Jesus! Those who gathered around him “healed” not because he commanded it, but because he REFUSED TO see THEM AS BROKEN! Make no mistake – “PICK up your mat and walk” imply’s get off your self-loathing, self-sabotage, shame, etc. The creator doesn’t see u as inapt! So why do you choose to keep yourself chained to that belief??!! 

Jesus- CRYSTALLINE ENERGY- resonances displayed and embodiment of an immense amount of LOVE, STRENGTH, and VALOR to battle the self-created “demons” within! You are everything and you can be nothing! You have the power,  to recall your wholeness! You were never born in sin as that would imply the creator was sinful! What we have been given is the choice to create! A choice to let go of the “negative” beliefs of what is right and wrong! What you should, should not do, be or have! When circumstances arise that one would deem as a “bad deal, negative” is clearly an opportunity for you to discover what you really desire, love, and want to generate in your experience! Can we facilitate healing? I feel that one can hold, emanate, undiluted, unfiltered, divine, pure, source light and reflect that outwardly TO OTHERS! Just like Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Anna, Buddha, and countless others that have led by EXAMPLE! You have the EXACT same creator light as those you put on a pedestal! Those glorious souls that continually communicate with you, know who you are, and how POWERFUL YOU CAN CHOOSE TO BE! To know thyself is to HEAL THYSELF! #jesus #knowthyself #consciousnessshift #choice #heal

22 Likes, 6 Comments – Megan Covington (@megancovingtonluminary) on Instagram: “I often think about the word healing! What does healing really mean and can we truly facilitate…”

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October 11, 2018 / Megan Covingtonvington

October 10, 1998- 20 years! Happy Anniversary Lover! Josh Covington! I will never ever forget the first time you showed up at my home with 12 Dozen=144 columbine roses! Yes, I canceled my evening plans and headed straight out the door with you. Every single moment with you has been a JOURNEY.

ONE that could NEVER BE PREPARED FOR. You walked into my life and mirrored, witness,ed and play a valiant role. Allowing me to continue to unfold the rose petals of my heart. No matter the FEAR, or downright crazy, that paralyzed me from being me.

HELL NO this has not been easy for either one of us. A movie we would ALLOW our emotions to take hold or our thoughts to make the way without our hearts.
Time has and continues to show me how to take accountability for my thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Come on, marriage, to ONE person, and now for 20yrs by law! 23 without paper! Geesh!!! This has been a HERO journey for us both! Not only on our single self-expression ventures but as a pair as well. We never know from one day to the next how anything will BE.

You, Chloe, Mason, and Tyson are ONE of my greatest teachers. Love is expressed in so many ways! I am deeply blessed to BE a part of this union as it stands.
I KNOW, FEEL and EMBRACE, right at this moment and countless memories before~ I LOVE YOU IMMENSELY!

IT's a GET TO!

October 11, 2018 / Megan Covingtonvington

I GET TO- prepare homemade oatmeal cookies for the family. I GET TO gleefully watch Chloe prepare homemade rosemary bread, Sea Bass cooked in white wine sprinkled with capers, and a salad full of healthy yummy veggies! I GET TO eat that!

I GET TO feel the blessings of joy, laughter, and acceptance Mason and Diego have for each other as they walk in and out of the room. All the while commenting about how yummy it smells.
I GET TO enjoy the laughter that is around me.
I GET TO select the music I want to play and when I am done with that I GET to open the back sliding doors and have the cool crisp air welcomed into the house.
I GET TO experience the melding and meshing of fall air to warm baked goods.
I GET TO listen to the birds sing songs, and the butterflies boundlessly dance all over the backyard!
I GET TO do this because I CHOOSE TO! I choose to spend the time preparing and spending time with the kids as they play a part in this glorious feast.
I CHOOSE TO BE excited to welcome josh home.

IT's a GET TO!

I GET TO have a bath prepared for him upon arrival from work. I GET TO close out my day with so much love on my bed! I CHOOSE TO LOVE THIS!

NO-thing you do is a HAVE TO~Make it a GET TO!


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July 23, 2018 / Megan Covington

This speaks volumes to me! Looking forward and backward feels as if your head is constantly going side to side! Grounding into the #presentmoment brings a #calm and #ease. If you choose to Be distracted by the past and “possible” future circumstances at least allow those to recalibrate your thought pattern. Yes, this has happened. Yes, I have felt this before! How may I choose to perceive this situation as a positive, productive change? Facilitating me to claim- ” I AM divinely guided with every step I take. I have faith in my essence ALL is exactly as it is.” Megan Covington Medium – ExtraSensory Luminary

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July 21, 2018 / Megan Covington

IS this so amazing! My heart exploded as I watched it unfold. Her arms graciously crossed one on top of the other. Hair blows up as her long dragon body fills the sky. As she releases unwavering, unconditional love, to that what NO LONGER serves. Loving self is the ultimate SELF CARE. Much love all

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June 13, 2018 / Megan Covington

~I AM song of birds~
~ I AM radiant sky~ 
~I AM soil and growth~ 
~I AM fragrant flowers whispering hello~
~I AM the hills~
~I AM the plateau~
~I AM roots, trunk, branches of trees~
~I AM peace of flowing waters moving in ease~
~I AM seed galaxies planted~
~I AM path of journey~
~I AM trails less traveled~
~I AM cold and dark~
~I AM warmth and I AM light~
~I AM everything and I AM nothing~
~I AM that I AM
Megan Covington

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June 13, 2018 Megan Covington

I have asked myself so many times! What is my purpose? While I was out walking today with my sweet Mason and Fur babies~I heard so clearly~ Purpose is to  LIVE/CREATE! How does ONE LIVE? Finding JOY, LAUGHTER, WONDER, and ADVENTURE with all that comes your way. If it is taking a morning stroll with the family, making cookies, assisting a neighbor, have a brilliant conversation that is your PURPOSE! PURPOSE IS INTENT! Your INTENT is within the NOW! Surrender to BELIEVING you have only ONE purpose! If you choose to think you only have one purpose then let it BE~ TO LIVE!

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Joy or Happiness

Joy or Happiness

May 25, 2018 / Megan Covington

#JOY = Being present in the heart NOW with the experience
#happiness= BE-ing in the mind waiting for your circumstance 2 provide the experience.

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May 21, 2018 / Megan Covington
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