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I AM Megan Covington, a well-being presence facilitator, mother, wife, daughter, sister, nurse, friend, nature lover, animal enthusiast, curious explorer, and a conscious quantum soul life activist.

I AM inspiring awareness of consciousness, self-love, self-pleasure, self-prosperity, emotional, physical, and spiritual development, and teaching modalities throughout all aspects of our BEing.

I AM inspired to share my innate sovereign abilities while facilitating energetic momentum, spaciousness, stillness, empathic freedom, appreciation, joy, acceptance, and heart coherence within the life of the self and with others. I honor everyone’s unique expression, autonomy, and freedom to harmoniously live as ONE.

After a myriad of challenges, a physical transition (death) of someone dear to me, and debilitating physical leg injury, (CRPS diagnoses), I exhausted all medical options in search of relief from PAIN. This is when I made the life-altering decision to surrender and remain open and receptive to what the universe throws my way.

Conscious Quantum Facilitation Conversation

Through the practice of meditation, I learned to separate pain and suffering within my consciousness one gracious moment at a time. I began to embrace challenges as a revolutionary opportunity for choice and change. I no longer allowed myself to feel victimized or traumatized by life experiences. I decided to no longer turn away from pain, to look at it, and ALLOW myself to feel MORE and UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE deeper! I was no longer held captive or held bondage to my mind, circumstances, or the past!
I came to understand PRESENCE is HEALING and comes from within OUR direct Source Consciousness Connection.
While I shifted more into self-discovery, self-exploration, and self-inquiry I was guided back into the unconditional loving arms of my own Divine Sovereign Radiance.
Through transformational conversations, meditation, breath-work, yoni egg/pussy sensual, sexual, spiritual pleasure practices, radical intentional living develops and takes form. Thus, opening the doors to multi-dimensional realms containing internal higher-light wisdom, guidance, self-realization, and self-actualization.
The deliciousness of LIFE became a living demonstration of who I AM. What I was created from and what has always been alive in me.
I AM electric. Life felt renewed, reinvigorated, and palpable to me. The activities of daily living had a tangible sweetness and I carried a much deeper appreciation for them. I paused and treasured more. Breathed deeper. Laughed longer. Cried more intensely. I became more responsive and less reactive.
I felt more passionate and less attached to outside situations beyond my control. I became better friends with boundaries and how malleable they can be as I continue to blossom. Heart-felt active compassion and GRACE for myself and others began to stand front and center.
Peace became blatantly apparent and very PRESENT. I was seeing through entirely different lenses and my perspectives of life radically shifted.
I became aware life is vast, meant to be fully lived, enjoyed, laughed at, cried about, and embraced. I united and held hands with clarity and strength!
Enthusiasm and joy became my director of purpose and constant demonstration of a fraction of who I AM.

The simple pleasures of birds singing, children laughing, people smiling, fall leaves crunching under my feet, water touching my skin, a hug, a conversation, sky gazing, taste of food, smells in the air, tears falling, nuisances, textures, and challenges within life shifted into a means for celebration, not oppression. My entire well-being vibrated, my body and mind shifted.
I AM in full awareness I get to navigate this body, this mind, these emotions in congruence with my soul and rejoice in all of it. It is intoxicating. I AM drunk on life!
My life blossomed into a GET TO! Not a have to! I get to be a part of this beautiful planet, engage with others around me, and all the while, I GET TO remain peaceful within.
I asked for liberation and welcomed it to my door. All I had to do was turn the key, open the door, and let it in. Discovering what freedOM truly is! The touchstones of life continued to unravel my golden path.
We are a crystalline infinite diamond, an eternal rainbow of possibilities. We get to choose to discover more of what is within the unlimited infinite consciousness. We get to choose how we want to show up and be active, compassionate participants in life. I have made many choices. I will continue to make many more, and when I reflect on those choices, I will forever hold them with the deepest reverence for directing me back to the I AM presence within.

simple pleasures
Are you ready to redirect, catalyze, transcend internal & external beliefs? Let us walk together, in the sacred heart, sailing your beautiful body chalice, towards your Divine Crystalline Sovereign I AM presence. Remember, I AM LOVE, we are love, you are love, we have always been LOVEd. We will always be LOVE.

From my radiant heart to yours
Megan Covington

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